From the Latin word "bag", LURA is a brand conceived from a unique collaboration between 3 experts from the handbag industry who had the desire to create a line of modern luxury handbags which were fresh, functional, and 100% Made in Italy, but at the same time accessible to a wide range of consumers.
Yvonne Roe: Creative Director, originally Korean American, but now based in Italy, has over 20 years of experience designing and developing handbag collections for international luxury brands. Claudia Gatti: Commercial Director in the luxury fashion sector, has collaborated with the world's leading fashion brands for over 20 years.
Giovanni Di Michele and Franco Di Sante: owners of the Italian factory D&D Pelletteria, specialized in the production of international luxury brands for the past 30 years.

Commercial Direction WorlWide

Via C. Battisti, snc - 62019 Recanati - MC - Italia Tel: +39 335 5279721 Tel: +39 071 7570215 email: sales@luraworld.com

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